Power Washing

Residential power washing services include exterior. We can handle any size home and use a steam cleaner so no chemicals are added. We also power wash decks, for purposes of removing stain or paint. We clean patios, walkways, and concrete driveways.

Commercial power washing services include any exterior portions of building and lot. We can remove a build up of grease and stains on sidewalks and drive through areas.

Power Washing Done by Professional

All power washing tasks that we handle are performed by our well-trained professional crews. They follow systematic procedures to ensure hassle-free work flow and commendable outcomes. We begin by choosing the right pressure washer depending on the specific type of materials that make up the structure or surfaces to be washed. We then cover sensitive exterior lighting and plants to protect them from the water pressure. Afterwards, our personnel remove mildews and other visible blemishes on the surfaces to be cleaned. We gently pressure wash the identified spots and carefully perform the task to avoid damaging the delicate structures and surfaces. Our crews proceed from top areas downwards and make several passes when needed to ensure a sparkling clean pavement or concrete surfaces. Only when the target areas were fully cleansed do we pack up and declare the task completed.

Industrial-grade Power Washing Equipment

At MK Outdoor Services, we ensure quality work no matter how large the areas to be washed. We only use modern tools when working on any kind of power washing project, whether residential or commercial. For example, we use steam cleaning equipment for pressure washing since it cleans faster and better than traditional equipment that uses cold water. We have different sizes of nozzle to suit the peculiar demands of specific washing tasks. This way, we guarantee flawlessly clean walls and surfaces all over the property.

Comprehensive Power Washing Services

Our skilled personnel can power wash every imaginable spot in your property. Specifically, these are the exterior areas that we can pressure wash:

  • Decks. We can keep concrete pool decks and view decks squeaky clean so they will be presentable at any given time.
  • Patios. Your patio will become more inviting and beautiful with our help. We will power wash it on your desired schedule or we can arrive at a moment’s notice.
  • Walkways. Your walkways will be better looking and with our power washing services. A well-maintained walkway will help reduce slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Driveways. Our personnel can guarantee a great first impression from your guest by maintaining the cleanliness of your driveway. You won’t have to worry about grease, oil, and hard to remove stains.
  • Walls. Our personnel will make exterior walls infinitely clean by pressure washing them carefully. Be it your perimeter walls or the exterior walls of your house, rest assured that we can make them immaculately-looking all throughout the year.

Call us at (618) 416-0862 if you wish to inquire about our rates and the power washing packages that we offer.

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