Shrub & Hedge Care

Shrub & Hedge Care

We provide proper pruning and shaping on a scheduled basis in order to maintain proper growth patterns. This promotes health growing potential. We also monitor your shrubs and hedges during a regular mowing program to deter issues from arising. We apply a chemical to control and eliminate common diseases and damaging insects from your shrubs and hedges. Fertilizer can also be applied if needed.

Shrub and Hedge Care Program

As a landscaping firm providing comprehensive shrub and hedge care program, MK Outdoor Services makes life easier for all property owners across Illinois. From Belleville and Swansea to O’Fallon, we take care of every task that’s needed to make our clients’ lawns spic and span. Our team works on approved schedule and ensures that problems are addressed before they worsen. Our customized program guarantees that hedges and shrubs get professional care so they would remain in perfect health and beauty throughout the year.

We can perform all shrub and hedge care tasks such as pruning and trimming, fertilization, pest and weed control, aeration, and mulching. We have the right tools and lawn care supplies to do these jobs correctly and with outstanding results guaranteed. Our program is tailored to your needs and budget so you can expect the exact outcome that you have in mind.

Lush and Beautiful Topiaries

Everybody loves a patch of green in the landscape. Well-manicured shrubs and hedges look inviting, induce relaxation, and just add up to the overall beauty of the outdoors. And one way we can make your shrubs and hedges look beautiful is by fashioning them into topiaries.

Our in-house shrub and hedge care experts can shape these greens into anything you desire. Whether you fancy animals or you like a freestyle approach, we’ll have your requirements covered. For example, if you desire an English style garden setting, we can include free-standing topiaries and hedges following the buttressed design. We can even come up with a small hedge maze employing the topiary technique to infuse an air of adventure into your landscape. The limit to what we can come up with in terms of the topiaries’ shapes and styles depends on your imagination and design needs.

Task-appropriate Tools

No matter how simple or complex the shrub and hedge care tasks, we always make sure that we’re up to the challenge. As such, we have tools that are appropriate for all related tasks. We have pruning shears, lopping shears, pole pruner, saws, and hedge trimmers. These tools allow our personnel to perform each task smoothly, easily, and safely. We have manual, electric, and gas-powered hand tools to suit particular tasks, thus making us very efficient workers.

Budget-friendly Shrub and Hedge Care Program

For many commercial and residential property owners, they are hard-pressed to afford professional shrub and hedge care services due to the steep price tags some companies charge. At MK Outdoor Services, we make sure that our service rates are well within our clients’ reach. This allows us to provide clients like you with top-caliber maintenance services. Hire us today by calling (618) 416-0862.

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